Loan buyers' benefits


Every listing on the market from listing sites, facebook marketplace and groups in One app.

Price comparison

Realmonitor locates the best offer for properties, that are advertised by several agents.

Android & iOS

Available as native mobile application for Android and iOS mobile phones.

24 hrs

Instant push notification when a good catch appears on the market. 24 hrs.

Bank's benefits


Mortgage leads

Realmonitor provides thousands of mortgage loan prospects with super early engagement. They'll be engaged to the bank via the whitelabeled mobile app at the moment they start to seek a home. This new lead generation channel reduces the partner exposure and user acquisition cost.


Exclusive customer channel

The mobile application provides the bank an exclusive communication channel and instant feedback about people's actual housing challenges and their searching profile.


Ultimate market knowledge

The bank will have the most current and complete knowledge about the real estate market, by having access to all the available properties on the market and the people's searching profiles at the same time. This is the foundation of an efficient data-driven marketing automation.

Omni channel solution

Website presence

Realmonitor is available as a website where people can search in the most complete property advertisement datasource

Mobile application

Realmonitor is available as a native application, providing instant push notification about the best catches

Browser extension

Realmonitor is available as a browser extension, that shows if a better offer is available for the property on the screen

Simple SMS. Yes.

Realmonitor is available as a plain SMS notification solution to people with lack of IT skills or who prefers simplicity

We bring transparency

In the CEE region properties are usually advertised by several agents on the market, which brings pricing discrepancies and anomalities to the market. Once the owners realise, that the initial price won't bring buyers, they reduce the selling price for the next agent they make contract with. All of a sudden former agents are advertising the property on higher, the new agents on a lower price bringing disrepancies to the market. Realmonitor discovers these anomalities and shows the best offer to the buyers with its most current price for any property.

"By 2025, housing ecosystems will generate annual revenues approaching $3.8 trillion globally."

"A home is an important element in a person´s life, and we want to be more available to customers, to better meet their needs."

"Zillow used to just power your home search. Now you can buy, sell, or finance your home there. Apple and T Mobile used to just power your mobile life. Now you can bank with them. And all this innovation was starting to make your bank feel dusty."

"If Irish banks can find ways to embed their financial products in unique life moments along the customer journey – health, housing, education, employment – it will put them at the heart of this global transformation."

"Banks should look beyond home buying and traditional mortgage and insurance products to address the entire customer journey — purchasing a home, living in it, renting it and eventually selling it..."

"The agenda for banks is clear: finding a new relationship model to rebuild trust if they want to secure sustainable growth."

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